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Help Needed


Consider becoming a Sponsor for one of the RCIA Candidate.  

Sponsors are needed for the Fall 2014 Group

Please call Deacon Ray Dever at 813-961-3023 or e-mail at
or Deacon Carlos Celaya at 813.961-3023 or e-mail at

  What is the role of the volunteer sponsor in RCIA?  
Sponsors accompany candidates and catechumen through the RCIA process in the last three phases (Catechumenate, Purification & Enlightenment, and Mystagogia).  By Church law, Sponsors need to be fully initiated themselves (Baptized, Confirmed, and Eucharist); if married, in a valid Catholic marriage; at least 16 years of age, and practicing their Faith (weekly Mass attendance and frequent and regular reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion).  They should also be practicing Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure, and engaging in ministry and Evangelization.
  How does one become an RCIA Team Member?  
RCIA Team Members include Catechists who break open the Word with Inquirers, Candidates and Catechumen. They should meet all the qualifications for RCIA Sponsors and be acquainted firsthand with the process of RCIA by having participated in it as a Candidate or Sponsor. They should prayerfully discern this ministry with the RCIA Director. They would become an RCIA Team Member by invitation of the RCIA Director .
  Volunteer Hours Required for Sponsors and Team members  
Sponsors come every Sunday for the 9:00 a.m. Mass followed by the RCIA Session for an hour after Mass during the period of the Catechumenate (about 30 weeks for about 60 hours.) In addition, Sponsors will meet with their Candidate or Catechumen to help them learn their Catholic Prayers, and invite them to at least (3) events in the parish (Service, Devotional, and Social), attend the Retreat(s) before initiation (6 hours on a Saturday), the Pre-Election Interview, the Rite of Election at the Cathedral, all the Rites of the church and the pre-Initiation Rehearsal. (About 28 hours outside of the Sunday morning sessions and the follow-up Mystagogia Sessions after Initiation). The total hours are approximately 89 hours over a 9-10 month period.  
RCIA Team Members would put in time for preparing the Breaking Open the Word Sessions, plus the sessions themselves about 4-5 hours a month.  There are occasional Team Meetings, about 5 per year, and a workshop each year for a total of about 60 hours per year.
  How much training is required to become a Sponsor?  
Sponsors are invited to an hour workshop during one of the regular Sunday Catechumenate sessions during which they are briefed on the Role of the Sponsor in RCIA. Sponsors are encouraged to attend other Adult Formation and R.E. programs offered through St. Paul or the Diocese of St. Petersburg.
Is there training for RCIA Team Members?
RCIA Team members are asked to attend appropriate training, including workshops on RCIA offered by the Diocese of St. Petersburg each year.  After becoming a Catechist/Team member, persons usually spend at least 2-3 years working in this ministry.  Some may choose to continue beyond that time for a second 2-3 year period.