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Liturgical Ministries  .....  Living Your Baptismal Call to Service

Liturgical Ministries are comprised of Lay Ministers who are involved in assisting the clergy, as needed, in the liturgy of the Mass and other religious ceremonies.


Altar Servers - Youth
Being an altar server means serving God and God's people at Mass by assisting the priest in the celebration of the liturgy. these young men and women are needed in all liturgical celebrations to assist the priest on the altar throughout Mass to provide and move the artifacts used in the liturgy (books, sacred vessels, and other objects) to facilitate readings and preparations of the gifts. The members of this ministry serve at Masses, weddings, funerals (if needed), Holy Days of Obligation, as well as special Masses and prayer services.
Students must be in third grade or older to serve.  

To download an application to become an Altar Server, please press here
    Altar Servers Application Form
  Contact:  Nilla Leto at 933-2323  
Altar Servers - Adults
The role of the Adult Altar Server is not to replace the Youth Altar Servers but to be available for funerals, daily Mass, and Holy Day Masses that are held during the day when the youth are not available.
  Contact:   Louise Romano - e-mail  
Art & Liturgical Environment
The purpose of this ministry is to create a beautiful and prayerful environment for our parish by enhancing the worship space with liturgical symbols, plants, flowers, and other design elements. In addition, the members of this ministry care for the plants at the Church, Parish Center, Family Center, and special floral displays, especially at the Easter and Christmas seasons.
No experience needed except a person who enjoys being a part of an energetic team who have fun and a great enjoyment for creating and maintaining the beauty of the church.
  Contact:  Louise Romano - e-mail  
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Commnion (EMHC)
As an Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion (EMHC), we have been called to minister to the People of God. We are called to minister at the pastor's request in the absence of a sufficient number of priests and deacons the Body and Blood of Christ to God's people. Our supporting role in the Liturgy is important and distinctive. This Ministry has been described at the Ministry of Humble Service and Immense Love.
All candidates to become an EMHC must be a parishioner of St. Paul's for six (6) months, in good standing in the Catholic Church, and approved by the Pastor.
  Contact:  Glenn & Jane Wegman at 961-1175 or  
Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick
The purpose of this ministry is to take the Most Holy Eucharistic to those individuals who are unable to come to Mass due to illness or physical handicaps. We provide a very important link to the parish community. The Eucharist is also taken weekly to four nursing homes in the area. 
If you are in need of having the Eucharist taken to your home or a nursing home or would like information on how to become a Eucharistic Minister to the Sick, please call the number below.  
  Contact:  Theresa Adams at 960-3936 for Home Visitation  or  Carol Case at 962-1459 for Nursing Homes  
Hospitality Ministry (Ushers and Greeters)
We provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for those who come together to hear the Word of God and share the Eucharist. Our goals are to put people at ease, answer questions, assist in seating, secure a family to take up the "Gifts", direct the procession of the assembly during the Communion Rite, and be aware of the handicapped individuals who need to have the Body of Christ brought to them. 
All adults, teenagers and youth are welcome and encouraged to become a part of this ministry.

We are in need of Hospitality Ministers at the Saturday and Sunday 5:30 p.m Masses.  If you have a big smile and a happy heart, we would like to hear from you!  You can download an application by clicking the Usher Form button  to the right or you can call Jim Kissane at the number below.    
St. Paul Usher Application Form
  Contact:  Brett Peterson -  e-mail at  
Lectors (Readers)
When the Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself is speaking to his people, and Christ, present in his own word, is proclaiming the gospel. (USCCB) The Lector is the Lay Minister who proclaims the Word of God at all Sunday, Holy Day, and daily Masses as well as special liturgical events.
All candidates to become an EMHC must be a parishioner of St. Paul's for six (6) months, in good standing in the Catholic Church, and approved by the Pastor.
  Contact:  Doris Cimino at 962-6416  
Music Ministry
The Music Ministry spreads God's Word through singing and instrumentals. It is said that to sing at church is to pray twice.  

This consists of members for the Adult, Children's, and Contemporary choirs. Cantors and musicians to lead congregational music at various liturgies, and Handbell choir members.  Requirements to join:  You must love music and be able to carry a tune or play a musical instrument.
  Contact:  Mary & Russell Gant at 264-3319 or e-mail at  
  Spanish Music Ministry  
The Hispanic Choir serves at the 2:00 p.m. Sunday Mass.  They gather to practice every other Thursday at 7:30 p.m.  For more information or for auditions, please call Blanca Crespo, St. Paul Hispanic Choir Director at (813) 948-0472.  "El coro hispano de San Pablo sirve en la misa de las 2:00 p.m. se reunen para practicar cada otro jueves a las 7:30 p.m. Para más información o para audiciones, favor de comunicarse con Blanca Crespo, directora del Coro Hispano de San Pablo al (813) 948-0472.
  Contact:  Blanca Crespo at 948-0472  
Sacristan (Altar Care) Ministry
The Sacristan is responsible for the physical needs at every Mass and other liturgical celebrations. We prepare the altar, sacred vessels, and sacristy as well as the Holy Oils, clean, wash, iron, sew vestments, and altar linens and set the books.  

This is a "servant's" ministry. Anyone who is loyal and has Martha's hands but Mary's heart would make a wonderful sacristan.
  Contact: Louise Romano - e-mail at