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"World of Princesses Ministries in Uganda"




World of Princesses Ministry is a Girl-Oriented Ministry founded by Rev. Sr. Irene Lucy Onyai of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu with the goal to empower and emancipate the Girl-Child, improve their self worth, reduce early marriage and increase educations within Nebbi Catholic Diocese and Uganda as a whole. 
This came up because of the disadvantageous position that the Girl-Child is in.

Many girls are despised in the society: They are sexually exploited, are not educated, suffer early pregnancy and school droputs, are poor and dependants.

Because of her passion for the Girl-Child, Rev. Sr. Irene Lucy Onyai organized the first diocesan girl's conference codenamed Princesses' Conference in January 23rd-26th. This led to the formation of the Ministry.

The Ministry is registered under the Little Sister of Mary Immaculate, Nebbi Catholic diocese and Catholic Charismatic Renewal Youth Movements.


An empowered and an emancipated God fearing Girl.


  • Improving on the Girl-child self-worth and esteem
  • Promoting Girl-child education and reducing early marriages
  • Contribute to the economic empowerment of the Girl-Child
  • Reducing cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence
  • Leading Girl-Child to a personal relationship with Jesus as the Lord and Savior


  • Annual Diocesan Princesses Conference
  • Holiday Princesses Camp
  • Monthly Princesses Forum
  • School Outreach Programmes
  • Princesses Protection Team 
  • Vocational training for Teen mothers
  • Chastity Campaign
  • Princesses Radio Program on Radio Maria Uganda-Nebbi


  • Strengthening the Girls' Vocational School
  • Scholarship to Teenage Mothers to Secondary and/or Vocational training
  • Income Generating Activities to teen Mothers and School dropouts
  • Capacity Building and facilitating the Girls' Protection Teams (PPTs)
  • Awareness raising on Girl-Child education
  • Chastity Promotion Project
  • Entrepreneurial skills developments for girls
  • Anti-Abortion Campaign

The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu

The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu was founded by Bishop Angelo Negri, a Comboni Missionary. In 1936, he was inspired to start a new congregation for the African sisters, fulfilling the desire expressed by his predecessor, Monsignor Antonio Vignato, Apostolic Prefect of equatorial Nile. The Congregation began in Gulu northern part of Uganda, EastAfrica.
It was in 1939 when the first 10 girls from Mary Immaculate primary School began to ask His Lordship Bishop Angelo Negri to allow them to become nuns. They were placed under the care of Rev. Sr. Angioletta Dognini, a Comboni Sister who became the Co-Foundress of the congregation.
On Christmas day of 1942, six girls became novices and on the feast of Epiphany of 1945 four girls out of the six novices took the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, thus the first professions in the congregation of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu.



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5. Sponsor a Girl in one of the programmes
6. Give us Music and Public Address equipment for the conferences and camps.


World of Princesses 
C/o Little sisters of Mary Immaculate of Guly - Nebbi Branch
P.O. Box 283 Nebbi, Uganda

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