Spiritual Motherhood for Priests

The Apostolate of Spiritual Mothers of Priests, pray for, encourage and support all of our Priests.  We offer at least one Holy Hour a week, for the Sanctification and protection of our Shepherds as well as daily prayer and sacrifices.  We pray for Vocations, but our Ministry is for ordained Priests.

Our priests have been working hard to keep each of us from feeling alienated by the Covid-19 virus.  They work diligently to keep our parish "up and running" in many ways.  They offer mass daily in person and online, they keep the opportunity to receive the sacrament of confession open, they offer the sacrament of Holy Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick in new and innovative ways to enable those who do not yet feel safe to come back to church to receive the sacrament as well, they are involved in ministries which keep our families involved, they continue to catechize our children, they have ensured that we are able to attend adoration, they continue to celebrate baptisms, weddings, funerals and more all while keeping an eye on our expenses to make sure that our parish stays relevant and important to us all.  Our ministry, Spiritual Mothers for Priests,  prays for our priests each week.  We want to make sure that we return to them the offering of our prayers as they continue to work so hard for our church family.  Please consider joining us as often as you can.  We would love to have you join our group of ladies in praying for our priests.   
If you are not yet comfortable leaving the house due to Covid-19 or other reasons, please know that we offer a once-a-month online zoom prayer meeting which may help you to set aside that time to join us! We also offer monthly adoration for priests and special prayer events to include younger girls and families! If you are interested in more information or in joining our intergenerational group, you may email us at spiritualmothers@stpaulchurch.com 



Women and girls of all ages: Please join us on Thursday's after the 12:15pm mass as we pray for our priests!  At that time, we pray the rosary, litanies, and for intercessions for the sanctification and protection of our shepherds, our priests. 

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