Inviting someone to church



 When you invite a family member, a close friend, or a co-worker to church,

 invite them from your heart!  


Be sure to offer a personal testimony or detail of how coming to church has helped you in your life

Take the risk and ask:  "I am curious, where do you go to church?  Perhaps you could join me this coming Sunday" 

Participate of our many community events and ask one of our staff members or volunteers to give you any information you and your guest may be seeking for

Pray for the grace to one day sit next to your good friend, co-worker or family member in church.  

Look for opportunities to invite.  God has already placed a seed in everyone's heart.  You just have to take care of it day after day with His help. 

We are not saying is easy, but it is possible. Have faith!


Help us add more ideas on how to make a genuine invitation to those you love the most. Please email your suggestions and success stories to 








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