African Community of St. Paul


Who we are:

We are Catholics of African descent with our family and friends in the Tampa area who chose St Paul Catholic Church Tampa as our spiritual home.

Our Vision

To be fully integrated into the parochial life of our Church as we bring along with us our good and rich African cultural heritage – custom, music, etc. in the expression of our Catholic faith as we journey to heaven.

Our Mission

As Catholics we hope to grow in faith, hope and love together with other parishioners of St Paul Catholic Church Tampa.  Together with our fellow Catholics we are disposed to be formed by His Word and Sacrament in our Eucharistic-centered and multi-cultural community. 

Operational Measures

  • We commit to serve God and our neighbors in love.
  • We commit to the evangelization of our people and others. 
  • Since we are not a political group, we commit to avoid all forms of politics that may divide us. However, members are welcome to participate actively in the civil responsibilities of our society.
  • Coming from Africa, we are richly blessed with multiple cultures and languages of our people. While our music, liturgy, costume, etc. will show our rich culture, we commit to use of English as our common language – given the need of our environment as well.  


We operate the following programs in the parish:

  • Monthly Mass (to be held on a day that would be announced later).
  • Active participation in other parish activities. – Retreat programs for members, families, and friends.
  • Celebration of some African festivities like independence, church celebrations and others. 


  • We further commit to seek unity of members; and to be united with the Church.
  • We commit punctual and active participation to our activities and activities of the parish.




For more information, please call the parish office at      (813) 961-3023


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Online Giving

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