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A few weeks ago, I took the staff to the Franciscan Center for a day of prayer and reflection on our parish vision. Last week, I took our “Vision Team” to the Bethany Center to work together on a pastoral plan. The Vision Team will work closely with the staff and Pastoral Council and represents the diversity of our parish consisting of myself, Nancy Kissane, Gaby Fotopoulos, Natialie Gutowski, Mark Lembo, Patricia Palacios, Valmor Scoz, Anita Vazquez and Dolly Donovan. In the coming months, we will be using the data gathered from our parish surveys as well as future listening sessions to develop a Parish Mission Statement and SMART goals. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or anyone on the Vision Team.

Our parish Vision Team has recently received the findings of the Disciple Maker Survey which we completed this past Spring. 814 parishioners participated in the study. While we are continuing to digest the report, I can share that our parish is healthy. The participants like St. Paul, they feel spiritually fed, and are likely to recommend the parish to others. The results also reflect that I am new to this community and we can do more to help you to become energized in your faith as disciples of Christ.

Renewed emphasis on Faith Formation for all ages

When these results are compared with our previous surveys, it would seem that we need to put a renewed emphasis on Faith Formation for all ages through catechesis and retreats. Parishioners especially desire more outreach to teens and young adults. The studies also indicate that parishioners want to do more to help the elderly and poor.

Draft of our Parish Purpose Statement

The Vision Team has also been discerning our parish purpose statement. While it is definitely a work in progress, the latest draft states: “Our parish purpose is to live our love for God and neighbor by inspiring, teaching, and helping others so that all may grow together in Christ.

Strategic Plan to provide direction and focus

We are also discerning areas of strengths and opportunities in our parish, especially in regard to our Sacred Liturgy and Prayer Groups, Faith Formation & Youth Ministries, Ministries of Mercy, Community Building Ministries, Community Serving Ministries, Vocations, and Evangelization. At the end of the day, it is our hope to articulate priorities which specific goals and objectives to help our parish better fulfill its divine mission. This Strategic Plan will provide the direction and focus we need for the coming years.

Your opinion is very important to us

Do you have ideas? You are welcome to write to me or any member of the Vision Team In addition, we will have another brief survey to elicit your feedback and to ensure that your voice is heard this September. Also, on October 29, we will host another “Open Forum” so we can meet and openly discuss your ideas and concerns.


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Staff Retreat at Franciscan Center

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