2018-2019 School Calendar


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August 17th - Family Orientation 6-8pm
August 19th - Blessing of the New School Year Mass at 10:45am Mass
August 23rd - Meet and Greet T/Th & 5 Day Classes
August 24th - Meet and Greet MWF Classes, 1st regular day for 5 day classes, Extended Day Begins
August 27th – 1st regular day for MWF / BooHoo Breakfast for MWF & 5 day classes
August 28th – 1st regular day for T/Th classes / BooHoo Breakfast for T/Th classes


September 3rd - No School, Labor Day
September 4th – Last Minute Extended Day begins
September 24th - First Day of VPK (mandatory attendance)
September 24th-28th - Carefest Week


October 8th - Non-student Day, Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 12th - Food Truck Rally & Fall Festival (5-8 PM)
October 17th & 18th – Individual & Class Pictures
October 22nd - No School
October 27th - DOSP 50th Anniversary Faith Fest
October 30th - Fall Celebration T/Th Classes
October 31st - Fall Celebration MWF and 5 day Classes


November 1st - All Saints Day (Holy Day)
November 12th - No School, Veteran’s Day
November 15th - Thanksgiving Feast T/Th Classes 10:30am
November 16th - Thanksgiving Feast MWF & 5 Day Classes 10:30am
November 19th-23rd - No School, Thanksgiving Break


December 2nd - Advent Begins
December 3rd - Advent Presentation in church at 10:45am
December 8th - Immaculate Conception (Holy Day)
December 11th - SP Staff Christmas Luncheon, 1:30pm, Bethany Center (NO Ext Day)
December 17th - Christmas Program rehearsal for Friday at 10am FC, Section 3
December 19th - Staff Meeting
December 20th - Christmas Program T/Th classrooms (10am)
December 21st - Christmas Program MWF and 5-day Classes at 10am (2s in classroom @ 9:30am)
December 24th-January 4th - No School, Christmas Break


January 7th - Teachers & Students return to school
January 16th -17th - Safe Environment for all students
January 18th - Non-student Day, Parent Conferences
January 20th - Santo Nino Celebration
January 21st - No School, Martin Luther King Day
January 26th -27th - Catholic Schools Fair in Courtyard (27th only)
January 27th - February 2nd - Catholic School’s Week
January 29th - Open House for 2019-20 School Year
January 30th - Open House for 2019-20, 9-11am
January 31st - In-house Applications for 2019-2020 School Year


February 4th - Parishioner Applications for 2019-2020 School Year
February 7th - Open Applications for 2019-2020 School Year
February 14th - Valentine’s Day
February 15th - No School
February 18th - No School, President’s Day
February 22nd - Spaghetti Dinner Prep
February 23rd - Spaghetti Dinner 6-9pm


March 5th - St. Paul Fest, 6-9pm
March 6th - No School, Ash Wednesday (Hurricane Make-Up Day)
March 12th - 13th - Kandid Kids Photography for Black and White Photos
March 22nd - No School (Hurricane Make-up Day)


April 12th - Palm Sunday Presentation at 8:30am
April 16th - T/Th Easter Celebrations/Egg Hunts
April 17th - MWF Easter Celebrations/Egg Hunts
April 18th - No School, Holy Thursday
April 19th - No School, Good Friday
April 22nd-26th - No School, Easter Break
April 29th - Staff & Students Return


May 1st & 2nd - May Crowning
May 12th - Mother’s Day
May 22nd - End of Year Celebration/Field Day
May 23rd - Last Day of School (T/Th) (Last Day for Extended Day)
May 24th - Last Day of School (MWF) (NO Ext Day)



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