A Time of Preparation...

Happy Advent SPCP Families,

              WOW!  I can’t believe it is December already.  When I look back over the year I just feel so blessed.  I started the year not sure the Lord was leading me and little did I know he had an amazing plan all ready for me.  Joining the St. Paul family has been one of the most blessed times in my life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and can’t wait to see what more fun is in store. 

As you prepare your homes for Christmas let us stop and remember that Advent is a time of preparation.  It is a time for us to be patient and remember that journey that Mary and Joseph took on a donkey through the desert.  There are so many distractions that could take us away from the real meaning of the season but let’s make this a deliberate Advent and purposefully set aside time to spend with your children and families discussing Advent, reading stories, and preparing your hearts.  Another fantastic way of helping children to prepare their hearts is having them do Random Acts of Kindness towards your family, neighbors, and others in the community.  See the list below.  Take a snapshot of your children doing this and email it to me, I will post on our Facebook page for everyone to see just how kind we are at SPCP! 

May the Spirit of the Season Bring You Much Joy,

Abbie Johnson




· Hold the door open for those behind you.

· Say good morning to everyone you see this morning.

· Offer to let your classmate go first.

· Do something nice for your neighbor (pick up sticks in yard, bring mail or the newspaper to the door etc.).

· Invite someone new to play today.

· Donate a canned good or non-perishable food item to a food bank.

· Help someone in your class with their work.

· Give someone a compliment.

· Color a picture, make a craft or send a treat to a senior citizen.

· Donate your unwanted toys and books to the children in need.

· Write a thank you note to your teacher, your coach, a firefighter, your mentor or someone who has influenced you in a positive way.

· Clean up the area around your school or a local park, picking up trash and putting it in the garbage can.  You can also help your teacher clean up the classroom.

· Do a chore for a family member (put away their shoes, empty the garbage can in their room etc.).

· Call your grandparent(s) or other special family members who you do not see often to say hello.

· Eat only healthy foods today.

· Write a note to your parent(s) or grandparent(s) and tell them why they are special to you.

· Help around the house without being asked to do so, such as cleaning your room, taking out the garbage or helping with the laundry.

· Say a prayer for someone who is sick.

· Organize the clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate them to a clothing drive or shelter.

· Say a prayer of thanksgiving for all your blessings.

· Don’t complain about anything for the whole day.

· Draw a picture for a soldier and mail it to them.

· Make and give a hug coupon to someone.

· Smile at everyone you see today.



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