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Four Facts about Porn and Human Trafficking That Could Save Your Child’s Life


1. FACT: This is the Problem.

2. FACT: It is time to stop ignoring the connection. Pornography use promotes Human Trafficking and the Abuse of Children.

Pornography creates and drives the demand for trafficked women and children.  Porn users often seek to act out what they have viewed in pornography so they demand increasingly violent and fetishized content to remain “stimulated”.


3. FACT : Your Child is bombarded with Online Porn.


4. FACT : Your Children are Vulnerable to Child Sex Exploitation and Trafficking but YOU can Protect them.

Knowledge is Power. Strong measures are required. Vigilance, monitoring and parental involvement are the key.


About Us:

SOS – Unfortunately, Our Mission Has Grown

In 2010, SOS Ministry (Speaking Out on Slavery) of St. Paul Catholic Church was founded to address the scourge of sexual exploitation through Human Trafficking – a modern day version of slavery affecting women, men and children.  Human Trafficking is not limited to the movement of people; the underlying cause is pornography, child pornography, and internet pornography.

Pornography is the new drug!  Internet pornography is consuming our children while simultaneously creating an atmosphere for luring and grooming our most vulnerable into sex trades without their knowledge.  No community is safe: it occurs on our streets, in our schools, and at the malls without the knowledge of parents like you and me.

Our Mission is to educate and make all people aware of this spiritual and moral catastrophe, and its real-life consequences to everyone we serve. We speak out against pornography and human trafficking.  We host events to support front line organizations that confront traffickers and provide safe refuge for women, men and children rescued from sexual exploitation.  We are known throughout the community for our outreach efforts.

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